Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church

Our mission is to invite all people to know Jesus, grow through the power of the Holy Spirit,
and go forward to serve all God's children.

All Congregation Bible Study

The purpose of the Book of Faith initiative is to increase Biblical literacy and fluency for the sake of the world. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has made a commitment to encourage all members of our congregations; from children to adults, to dig deeper into our book of faith, The Bible. The Book of Faith initiative recommends a new model for our church. A grass-roots approach embracing a common vision in which all are invited to open scripture and join the conversation. Each community is encouraged to decided how the Book of Faith Initiative will become a vital part of its own ministry.

Lutheran Men in Mission

The concept is simple, provide men’s moments for sharing, deepening, practicing and playing as we lift one another up in our faith that we share together. We are providing a working draft that is comprised of planned events and hoped for events. Some of the “hoped for” events are up to us, depending upon interest. We realize that we already have enough to do. The idea is not to add more stress or conflict into our lives. The idea is to enrich who we are and what we are about through a life of intentional faith living. We ask the men of Shepherd of the Lakes to consider the following offerings. These are not intended to appeal to everyone for everything. They are meant to be autonomous opportunities that may lead to greater participation as we get to know one another. There is no judgement if you can only make an occasional men’s moment.

On-going opportunities:

  • Weekly Bible Studies, Mediocre Men(Sunday) and Amen (Monday)
Lutheran Men in Mission is a 501(c)(3) ministry working with men in the Lutheran church and beyond. We work to strengthen men's Christian faith, relationships, witness and service in their homes, congregation and communities. Our Mission is by God's grace, build men's faith, relationships and ministry through men's events, the resources we produce and ongoing leadership development. Our Vision is that every man have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through an effective men's ministry in every congregation. Our Commitment is to assist every congregation in establishing an effective, life changing men's ministry. See more at: Lutheran Men In Mission

Please call or email for more information and to find out our current schedule.